TissueFAXS SPECTRA Multispectral Tissue Cytometers


TissueFAXS SPECTRA Multispectral Tissue Cytometers

TissueFAXS SPECTRA systems provide Multispectral Imaging, Spectral Unmixing and Contextual Tissue Cytometry Image Analysis on the basis of the TissueFAXS platform.

SPECTRA technology is available on any TissueFAXS system configuration, be it upright, inverted, TissueFAXS HISTO, TissueFAXS FLUO, TissueFAXS PLUS or Slide Loader based (SL).

The following image shows a TissueFAXS SPECTRA PLUS configuration.




TF SPECTRA i PLUS WiComp PRI 300RGB mod webS

TissueFAXS SPECTRA i PLUS configuration


TissueFAXS SPECTRA is based on a Liquid crystal tunable filter and the spectral unmixing engine of StrataQuest analysis software.

Liquid crystal tunable filters are optical filters that use electronically controlled liquid crystal (LC) elements to transmit a selectable wavelength of light and exclude others. They can be tuned to specific wavelengths within the visible spectrum at high speeds. This makes them ideal for the quick building Lambda Stacks (a.k.a "Image Cubes" or "Spectral Cubes"), which then can be used for Spectral Unmixing.

This permits the separation of multiple colors in both brightfield and fluorescence.The following graphic shows the process from building the Lambda stack to color deconvolution via the StrataQuest Spectral Unmixing engine. The result is four greyscale channel images corresponding to the four unmixed colours and an overlay image analogous to a fluorescence overlay image.


The separated channel images can then easily be used for Contextual Tissue Cytometry analysis as provided by StrataQuest.

This technology perfectly matches a current trend to look at multiple markers in parallel in order to better understand interactions among and between different cell types and cellular subpopulations.

conf neuronal cell culture


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Upgrading to SPECTRA

All epifluorescence TissueFAXS systems (upright and inverse) can be upgraded to TissueFAXS Q configuration.

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We´ll tell you how.

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