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"When will TG organize the next symposium?"

Obergurgl Landschaftweb

This has been the most common question during "Optics, Algos & Ice" Symposium in Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria. About 70 scientists from 14 different countries – from Singapore to Brazil to the USA to Europe – were meeting to share their knowledge and experience in Advanced Microscopy and Image Analysis. Please read more...


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TissueFAXS Confocal

Fast precise optical sectioning

TF Conf120 PLUS slideshow


TissueFAXS CONFOCAL - seen here in the PLUS 120 autoloader configuration - provides laser free fast confocal imaging by integrating a versatile spinning disc system with the high speed/high power Spectra X light engine.

The TissueFAXS CONFOCAL is available in any TissueFAXS configuration which already has epifluorescnce capabilities. Existing TissueFAXS systems can be upgraded to CONFOCAL.

In the TISSUEFAXS CONFOCAL PLUS configurations both immunohistochemistry/histochemistry stained samples as well as immunofluorescence samples can be scanned with any magnification. TissueFAXS CONFOCAL offers several workflows which give it great flexibility, from simply scanning a predefined area on the slide to full automated sample detection.

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Company description


TissueGnostics (TG) is an Austrian company focusing on integrated solutions for high content and/or high throughput scanning and analysis of biomedical, veterinary, natural sciences and technical microscopy samples.
TG has been founded by scientists from the Vienna University Hospital (AKH) in 2003. It is now a globally active company with subsidiaries in the EU, the USA and China and customers in 28 countries.

TissueGnostics portfolio

TG scanning systems are currently based on versatile automated microscopy systems with or without image analysis capabilities. We strive to provide cutting-edge technology solutions, such as multispectral imaging and context-based image analysis as well as established features like Z-Stacking and Extended Focus. This is combined with a strong emphasis on automation, ease of use of all solutions and the production of publication-ready data.

The TG systems offer integrated workflows, i.e. scan and analysis, for digital slides or images of tissue sections, Tissue Microarrays (TMA), cell culture monolayers, smears and of other samples on slides and oversized slides, in Microtiter plates, Petri dishes and specialized sample containers. TG also provides dedicated workflows for FISH, CISH and other dot structures.

TG analysis software, apart from being integrated into full systems is fully standalone capable and supports a wide variety of scanner image formats as well as digital images taken with any microscope.

TG also provides routine hematology scanning and analysis systems for peripheral blood, bone marrow and body fluids.

TG cooperations

TG continuously cooperates with research groups and other companies in the industry to provide novel tools and applications to its customers.


TissueGnostics is an EN ISO 13485:2003 certified Austrian Medical Technology company focusing on image analysis.

TissueGnostics GmbH

Taborstraße 10/2/8
1020 Vienna
Office:    +43 1 216 11 90


Please feel free to contact us!

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