Adipocyte APP: Measurement of cell size

IHC Adipocyte APP: Measurement of cell size

The Adipocyte APP was designed from the ground up to be run in routine by staff untrained in image analysis and image processing.

The picture set is loaded into StrataQuest and the results are calculated.

The algorithm automatically eliminates adipocytes on the borders from the analysis. Minor membrane tears, inevitable in working with adipose tissue sections, are automatically closed by the analysis algorithm. Larger sections of missing membrane and cell membranes collapsed into the lumina (as seen on the original image) can be drawn in, respectively out using simple manual painting tools.

If this needs to be done the analysis merely has to be updated. Results can then be exported as in CSV and Excel format.

lymphocyte appAdipocyte APP

 Adipocyte APP results (move mouse over image). 


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