IHC2 APP: Ki-67 nuclear staining analysis

IHC2 APP: Ki-67 nuclear staining analysis

Ki-67 staining and evaluation is an integral part of cancer diagnosis.

Despit it being routinely used in pathology there still are issues to its correct use. Automated tissue analysis can provide a valuable supplement to visual evaluation.

The IHC2 APP is among the StrataQuest APPs easiest to use APPs and requires very little preparation time.

The first step of brightfield analysis is a color separation. Hematoxylin and Ki-67 stain are shown in separated grayscale images.                                

ki-67 appki-67 app

The nuclear segmentation algorithm is used on the nuclei, stained in hematoxylin and Ki-67. A virtual channel can be used for data from both stains.

ki-67 appki-67 app

Backward gating provides visual control of the correctness of the nuclear segmentation. This can be visualized both on the orginal and grayscale images.

ki-67 appki-67 app


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