Lymphocyte APP

Infiltrating Leukocyte APP

Result of automated color separation
for hematoxylin shade
Result of automated color separation for
CD3 positiv shade
Result of epithelial nuclei detection and
resulting epithelial area detection
Heat map of CD3+ T-cells to detect
clusters and distance to tumor
Proximity mask used to measure the distance of
CD3+ T-cells to tumor epithelial cells

Digital Slides Scanners can scan large amounts of TMA slides with hundreds of cores each. These Digital Slides are available to pathologists and researchers to be analysed by Quantitative Image Analysis Software or evaluated manually. Quantitative Imaging Software and TMA enable researchers to run complex analysis on batches of thousands of small tissue samples and to quickly produce data for research such as new biomarker validation, or the charting of molecular pathways. Software capabilities extend to segmenting and measuring most cellular and tissue elements from macrostructures to small objects, e.g. FISH dots. All structures can be set in context to each other in analysis.

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