Her 2/neu APP

Her 2/neu Breast Cancer

Result of automated color separation
for Her 2/neu shade
Algorithm that detects Her 2/neu membrane,
chicken-wire pattern
Algorithm that detects nuclei
Automatic nuclei segmentation
Invasive tumor nuclei selected in high brown areas
and based on shape morphology and intensity
Color seperation
Zoom in on Example 1, low angle of staining
Color seperation
Zoom in on Example 2, high angle of staining

Ki-67 APP

Nuclear Staining APP

Outputs percentages and count of nuclear staining (e.g. Ki-67) positive and negative cells in tissue and measures its intensity.

Nuclei (contoured in green and red) in this Colon sample were identified using the TissueGnostics nuclear detection algorithm.

Scattergrams plot mean intensities of marker and counterstain and a cutoff for the marker is set by an algorithm. Marker+ cells are contoured in red.




APP for clinical diagnosis of FISH results

Example of FISH analysis:
Overview of triple staining showing the nucleus
in blue, the housekeeping gene in green and Her2-new in red. 
Original image of the Acridin orange channel
and of the insitu hybridization dots.
The sensitivity is adjusted interactively -
only the dots surrounded in red are used.
Her2 new:
Image of Her2 new hybridization products and of recognized dots indicated by the yellow surrounding.
In addition the validation mode helps to clean the result by the use of crops of each cell within the gate and show corresponding overlay as well for fast control.
Validation of results using backward Gating of all cells with two dots per nucleus in case of the housekeeper gene. Cells are recognized are highlighted by the red surrounding line.
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