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Reconstruct TissueFAXS scans in 3D with Voloom software from microDimensions

3D reconstruction of TissueFAXS scans with microDimensions Voloom software

TissueGnostics distributes Voloom 3D reconstruction software from microDimensions, a partner in the TisQuant project with which TG also cooperates.

3D reconstructions of TissueFAXS brightfield, epifluorescence and confocal scans can easily be done in Voloom.

Voloom works with scans of the following TG analysis systems:

This is due to its well-designed and easily acessible import, alignment and reconstruction features (see images below, © microDimensions).

RatKidney HE    MouseTumor fluo


TissueFAXS 2 Voloom 2 reconstruction

Voloom can import several virtual slide formats, among them the "tiff with multiple tiles" format with which digital slides can be exported from TissueFAXS systems.

This allows fast reconstructions of TissueFAXS digital slides z-stacks, which need no realignment.

If serial sections with the same staining are scanned to reconstruct large volumes (> 500 GB, e.g. whole organs), Volooms alignment workflow, which is largely automated, comes into play.




The resulting reconstructions can be analysed as to the volume of their stained components, rendered into videos and exported.


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For more detailed information on Volooms features see the microDimensions website.

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