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TissueGnostics: Top quality science at "Optics, Algos and Ice" conference

Anniversary and image analysis award
At the conference, TissueGnostics also celebrated its 13th anniversary and announced that it won the Prize for Image Analysis at the International Scanner Contest 2016, which was held at Charité in Berlin. Robert NICA won over the evaluators using the cutting-edge StrataQuest contextual analysis software. StrataQuest is just one of the company’s software packages for tissue analysis. TissueGnostics specializes in integrated solutions for high-content and high-throughput scanning and analysis of digital slides and images of tissues. The quantitative analysis of markers expressed by any kind of cell in any type of tissue marks one of the company’s core competencies.

NEW: TissueFAXS Confocal in 200 PLUS Slide Loader configuration
TissueGnostics is very pleased to announce that the first TissueFAXS Confocal system using the Crest Optics X Light V2 Confocal Imager has been delivered and validated at the Light Microscopy Facility of the prestigious Howard Hughes Janelia Research Campus in Virginia, USA. The system permits fast, large scale confocal imaging. The typical performance is about 1.5 hours of scanning time for samples with an area of 70 mm2 with 4 channels and a Z-stack with 13 optical slices. The confocal system is available in all TissueFAXS configurations with fluorescence.

Existing TissueFAXS systems can be upgraded to TissueFAXS Confocal! Enquire here!

For further information please contact:

Katja Österreicher
Authorized Officer & Head of Marketing
TissueGnostics GmbH
Mobil: +43 664 4545484
Email: katja.oesterreicher@tissuegnostics.com

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