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"Optics, Algos & Ice" - Symposium on Image Analysis of Cells in Tissue,
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"Optics, Algos & Ice" from 17. to 20.11.2016 in Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria

Advanced Microscopy & Image Analysis – tools for molecular pathology and personalized medicine

Cutting edge automated contextual Image Analysis can provide the better understanding needed to make full use of molecular profiling technology which becomes more available.
Logo OAIwebThe symposium “Optics, Algos and Ice @ the very top “ is to provide insight in the state of technology in an invigorating and stimulating environment – a university seminar centre in Obergurgl (1.930 meters high) in the Tyrol, as stone´s throw from Italian Southern Tyrol province (if one can throw high enough over the surrounding peaks, many of which are in the 3.500 meter range). Speakers will inform the participants on the use of the best technologies and their experiences with it.
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The Rolls Royce Among Microscopes - TissueFAXS Confocal PLUS 200

For Precise Optical Sectioning

TissueFAXSCONFOCALPLUS200TissueFAXS CONFOCAL PLUS 200 provides a unique combination of high slide throughput and laser free fast confocal imaging by integrating a structured spinning disc system with TissueFAXS 200 autoloader capabilities and the high speed/high power Spectra X light engine. The High Throughput capabilities of TissueFAXS PLUS 200 Confocal are provided by the integrated slide loading system of the TissueFAXS 200 system. It is designed to allow the fully automated scanning of up to 200 standard slides loaded into four 50 slide magazines. Both immunohistochemistry/histochemistry stained samples as well as immunofluorescence samples can be scanned with any magnification. TissueFAXS 200 PLUS version of the standard TissueFAXS scanning software offers several workflows which give it great flexibility, from simply scanning a predefined area on the slide to full automated sample detection. Continue reading...

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Company description

TissueGnostics (TG) is an Austrian company with subsidiaries in EU, USA and China, specialized in integrated solutions for high content and/or high throughput scanning and analysis of digital slides and images of tissue sections, Tissue Microarrays (TMA), cell culture monolayers, smears, etc. Imaging and analysis in micro well plates, petri dishes and culture flasks is made very easy in TG integrated workflows. TG provides a dedicated workflow for FISH, CISH and dot structure analysis in all its cytometry systems.
The main competence of TG in Biomedicine is to generate and validate algorithms for tissue segmentation used in advanced tissue cytometry. Cutting-edge technologies, such as multispectral imaging and context-based image analysis are integrated in TG technology platform and products.
TG also provides routine hematology scanning and analysis systems for peripheral blood, bone marrow and body fluids.
The focus in TG’s proprietary image cytometry solutions for virtual slides is on the quantitative analysis of markers expressed by any kind of cell in any type of tissue - immunohistochemical, histochemical, or immunofluorescent staining.
All software solutions provide high level automation, from scanning to image cytometry and presentation of analysis results. They also support image files from many other scanning devices.
TG has developed the first tools ever to supply exact data for rigorous scientific study.


TissueGnostics is an EN ISO 13485:2003 certified Austrian Medical Technology company focusing on image analysis.

TissueGnostics GmbH

Taborstraße 10/2/8
1020 Vienna
Office:    +43 1 216 11 90


Please feel free to contact us!

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