TissueFAXSi - Tissue Analysis System - For Immunohistochemistry and Immunohistofluorescence

The automated workstation for fluorescence. TissueFAXSi offers fully automated analysis and classification of leukocytes (white blood cells/WBC) based on advanced Support Vector Machine technology. All leukocyte subtypes and normoblasts are accurately differentiated by intelligent segmentation. Classifying leukocytes has never been that easy.

TissueFAXS Z2

The equivalent to flow cytometry in tissue

Microscope-based cell analysis system for cells in tissue sections and smears.

TissueFAXSi is a microscopic system that automatically acquires immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry stained sections and performs quantitative analysis of staining intensities.

TissueFAXSi with Incubation System

The Incubation System for the Axio Observer is a complete in TissueFAXS, integrated system for incubation that covers every requirement in the cultivation and observation of living cells.

The performance features of all components are well coordinated. From simple heating or cooling to complex incubation solutions, the Carl Zeiss system combines maximum precision with complete system integration.

The correct temperature, a reduction of evaporation, a correct pH-value and physiological O2-concentrations are the parameters that are essential for creating an environment that comes as close as possible to the conditions of a living organism.

TissueFAXSi unique features