The new FAXS Series represents the most elegant and cost efficient way for science and routine laboratories to introduce advanced, automated microscopy, digital imaging and image processing into their workflow.
One can choose between the multi-useable devices of the TissueFAXSi plus line, which combine fluorescence, brightfield and life cell imaging or go for the specialized members of the FAXS series. Software modularization has been introduced to specifically design a package for your purposes.


“TissueFAXS” – Fluorescence (available inverted and upright)

Developed to analyze pixel shift free entire specimens or cell cultures in up to 10 different channels and up to 8 different slides or 2 microtiter plates using all available objectives with and without oil at any magnification. Being used by users all over the globe, TissueFAXS System stands for reliability and high quality but also for real fantastic image processing and FAXS like data analysis […]

TissueFAXS Automated Acquisition Video

TissueFAXSi plus

“TissueFAXSi plus” – Fluorescence and brightfield (inverted system, also available upright (TissueFAXS plus))

The TissueFAXSi plus system is the flagship of TissueGnostics hard- and software development and combines all types of microscopic techniques with the accuracy and precision of Zeiss Instruments and the elegance and tested accuracy of TissueGostics software products. […]

TissueFAXSi Wellplates Acquisition Video

Acquisition with Exfo Xcite Xled Video

Highspeed Acquisition Fluorescence Video


“HistoFAXS” – Brightfield (available inverted and upright)

is designed for fully automated high-resolution image acquisition and quantitative analysis of immunohistological stained specimens, cells and TMA’s.
The HistoFAXS 3.0 system builds upon the successfully introduced former version of HistoFAXS but has in addition features such as real SW stitching, shading correction, high-speed viewer, multi- sample viewer, facs-like quantitative analysis module of cells and of total areas etc.. […]

Highspeed Acquisition Brightfield Video

TMA Acquisition Video

Bone Marrow Video


“HemoFAXS” – Blood Smears

HemoFAXS system brings fully automated differential blood analysis to your hematology lab. It couldn’t be simpler: Insert 8 slides, press the start button and the rest is done by HemoFAXS. The system uses high-resolution cameras for imaging and provides you with reliable and precise analysis results with up to 14 different classes of cell types […]

HemoFAXS Presentation Video