TissueFAXS - Scanning & Data Management software

TissueFAXS is TissueGnostics powerful scanning and image management software. The uncluttered and intuitive interface gives new users quick access to scanning of slides and allows them to rapidly progress to more advanced capabilities of the software.

The autofocus function of TissueFAXS was specifically developed for fully automated routines. Data can be generated overnight and will be available to the operator for further processing on the next morning.

The TissueFAXS management and acquisition software combines an intuitive and user friendly interface and a comfortable workflow with extensive control functions.

The TissueFAXS Software automatically acquires both immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence stained sections and performs quantitative analysis of staining intensities.

TissueFAXS offers performance and versatility few systems on the market can surpass. Standard objectives, magnifications and methods, including immersion, are supported.


Z-Stacking in TissueFAXS allows for a defined a number of z-levels and step size. Stacks can either be saved as is or transformed into an Extended Focus Image or both. This combines all in focus-parts of the stack images into one, maximally sharp 2D plane. Extended Focus is available in brightfield and fluorescence and is calculated on the fly.

Oversized Samples

Oversized samples can easily be scanned as the soft ware supports the large stage inserts available for these on TissueFAXS upright systems.

Tissue Detection

Tissue detection is by automatic algorithm and can detect large numbers of tissues per slide as well as TMA Spots on the preview image.

Image Stitching and Time Lapse

Image Stitching is standard and provides faultless virtual slides.

Time lapse for Live Imaging can compile and render AVI files or may be used for analysis of Time Kinetics.







Attention: Consult operating instructions for use!