HemoQuest - Hematology Analysis Software

HemoQuest provides automated acquisition and classification of leucocyte subtypes and excells through performance, robust autofocus and precise recognition.

HemoFAXS provides excellent performance and security for processing hemograms in the clinical context and is an ideal tool for all types of hematological diseases.

Both RBC and WBC abnormalities are detected, including leukemia type alterations.

Classification of leukocytes has never been that easy.

Blood Cell Clases

Image Acquisition and Processing

It is possible to analyze up to eight slides in one session.
The maximum number of cells can be set individually for each patient.


With the click of a button HemoFAXS will start with the fully automated search for and allocation of target cells. Due to an especially developed autofocus, images are acquired in highest quality. The automatic classification results can be modified manually by drag and drop.


Due to the overview imaging HemoFAXS ensures a rapid statement of the red blood cells. On one click you can assign different clinical pictures to the red blood cells in the current specimen, which are included in the final report.

Validation and report generation

All results relevant for diagnosis are compiled into a report. Comments can be added and the report can be printed and the data generated transmitted to the LIS.


HemoFAXS provides not only fully automated acquisition, but also the classifi cation of leukocyte subtypes. Due to the application of the latest Support-Vector-Machine- Technology an especially developed algorithm enables prompt location and classification of leucocytes.