Usability and functionality are the core messages of TissueGnostics software. “It has to be simple and intuitive to use, whilst at the same time users should be able to do everything needed for successful laboratory work” (Georg Steiner, CEO of TissueGnostics)


TissueQuest – Fluorescence Analysis

TissueQuest offers all needed features for optimal viewing in fluorescence stained samples and combines them with qualitative and quantitative image analysis. As a veteran among anaylsis-softwares, being the first software to identify individual cells in their tissue environment worldwide, TissueQuest has transformed into a multi-functional and intuitive tool for all kinds of analysis […]


HistoQuest – Brightfield Analysis

HistoQuest 3.0 streamlines all features needed from optimal viewing to accurate image processing as well as batch processing and reporting. HistoQuest 3.0 is built to help you enjoy your work. It offers optimal overview of up to 6 different slides for visual inspection and at the same time a set of precise image analysis algorithms to prepare a quantitative report in a very user friendly but highly accurate and secure form […]


TissueFAXS software – Image Acquisition

TissueFAXS software is the next level in automated image acquisition. The autofocus function of TissueFAXS was specifically developed for fully automated routines. Data can be generated overnight and will be available to the operator for further processing on the next morning […]