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TissueGnostics develops instruments for scientific and clinical routine use. This includes automated image acquisition and image processing for immunohistochemistry and multi-channel immunofluorescence of tissue sections, cultured and smeared cells as well as TMA’s. Three different product lines adapt perfectly to a wide variety of needs, including differential blood analysis for hematology laboratories.

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Optics, Algos & ice - TissueGnostics symposium 17. to 20.11.2016 in Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria
TissueGnostics will hold this symposium in the Obergurgl University Center, situated at nearly 2.000 m in the Tyrolean Alps.
Advanced Digital Microscopy and Image Analysis is set to revolutionize clinical diagnostics. The personalized medicine concept needs bridging of the gap between the spatial heterogeneity of tumor and other disease microenvironments and the data provided by molecular profiling and omics. ...


Dr Suzanne Turner in the Department of Pathology is the coordinator of a successful bid for a €4 million European Union Marie Curie Innovative Training Network ...


“Cancer Driver” STAT3 reduces metastasis in prostate cancer
A gene that is responsible for cancer growth plays a totally unexpected role in prostate cancer. The gene Stat3 is controlled by the immune modulator interleukin 6 and normally supports the growth of cancer cells. The international research team led by Prof. Lukas Kenner of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research (LBI-CR) discovered a missing link for an essential role of Stat3 and IL-6 signalling in prostate cancer progression ...





12.11 -16.11.2016
Society for Neuroscience 2016. San Diego, California.

16.04 -20.04.2016
AACR Annual Meeting 2016. New Orleans, Louisiana.

12.03 -18.03.2016
USCAP Annual Meeting 2016. Seatle, Washington.

18.04 -22.04.2015
AACR 2015. Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, USA.

14.04 -14.04.2015
Innovation in Medtech. Dublin, Ireland.

26.03 -29.03.2015

26.03 -29.03.2015
expoMED EURASIA. Istanbul, Turkey

25.03 -27.03.2015
7th International Conference of Contemporary Oncology. Poznan, Poland

21.03 -27.03.2015
USCAP 2015. Annual Meeting. Boston, USA.

04.04 -06.03.2015
20th Leipziger Workshop: Cytomics and Cellular Therapies. Leipzig, Germany. TissueGnostics Forum

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