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Beatrice Grabner presents STAT3 playing an important role in the defence against tumors in Nature Communications

Lung cancer is one of the most common tumor-related causes of death, because it is one of the most aggressive cancers. Since the treatment methods especially in cigarette smoke-induced lung cancer are extremely limited, there is an urgent medical need to establish new treatment options...


TissueGnostics has the great pleasure to bring to your attention the publication of this Clinical Phase I study in NATURE. TissueFAXS was a core element in the experimental protocols and analytical workflows in this clinical study! In this paper a new treatment for moderate-to-severe psoriasis is demonstrated with great success!...


TissueGnostics introduces the Tissue Sociology concept

A cell in tissue plays a defined role as being a member of a small cell subunit within a larger organic structure. The development ...


TissueFAXS 200 Video Preview.


New software diagnoses cancer cells

Scientists at Vetmeduni Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research, and the company Tissuegnostics, came together to create a software that reliably diagnoses cancer cells by specifically identifying cell structures and proteins. They conducted a study using the software and it was recently published in the journal Plos One. ...



30.05 -02.06.2015
V Encontro do Clube de Purinas. São Sebastião – SP, Brazil.

15.05 -17.05.2015
BIT’s 8th Annual World Cancer Congress 2015. Beijing, China.

18.04 -22.04.2015
AACR 2015. Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, USA.

14.04 -14.04.2015
Innovation in Medtech. Dublin, Ireland.

26.03 -29.03.2015
expoMED EURASIA. Istanbul, Turkey.

25.03 -27.03.2015
7th International Conference of Contemporary Oncology. Poznan, Poland

21.03 -27.03.2015
USCAP 2015. Annual Meeting. Boston, USA.

04.03 -06.03.2015
20th Leipziger Workshop: Cytomics and Cellular Therapies. Leipzig, Germany.

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